PINFOSYS was developed with users in mind, using the latest technology where possible, in order to be able to provide the very much needed information required for decision making process.

Information is key for every management process. Only if meaningful and reliable information is readily available, decision making process can be efficient and effective. More

  • IOI Corporation Berhad
  • J.C. Chang Pvt. Ltd.
  • Far East Holdings Berhad
  • Ladang Ladang Kosma Bhd.
  • Samling Plantation Sdn Bhd
  • YPJ Plantation
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  • Specialist Plantation Management Solutions Provider.
  • System Installed in over 347 palm oil estates in Malaysia & Indonesia.
  • Over 100 Man years of experience in the Plantation Industry.
  • Supports a wide range of functions that are used in Estates and Mills.
  • 80% of staff dedicated to system support.
  • Able to deploy system to anywhere within Malaysia & Indonesia.
  • Unique database design and processing architecture.
  • Easy to use interfaces and custom designed reports.
  • Stability of system.
  • Clear product roadmap and heavy investment in R & D.
  • Range from stand alone systems for small estates to full scale systems that links Head Office with all estates.
  • Ability to convert previosly stored information.
"Pinfosys is about client service and technology; we aim to excel in both.We began and remain focused on serving the plantation management business - we are dedicated to this sector and to our clients.Our commitment towards research and development means that our clients will always have that competitive advantage."
Sivarajasingam (Chief Executive, Pinfosys Sdn.Bhd.)